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Sell Structured Settlement Payments
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CBC Settlement Funding understands that life changes and so do financial goals and needs. At CBC, we have a team of structured settlement buyers who will review full or partial cash options available on your annuity payments. Once you choose which option is right for you, CBC will deliver the settlement lump sum to meet your immediate financial needs.

Selling your structured settlement can help protect your financial future, but it’s necessary to feel that the specialists handling your transaction can get the job done. CBC will work with you to provide the best possible cash solution on your structured settlement payout so that your future annuity payments better serve your financial needs today. Whether you need to sell only a portion of your structured settlement or you wish to sell all payments, our goal is to ensure you receive options to make an informed decision.

If your structured settlement payments could better serve you as a lump sum of cash, call 877-386-3377 or fill out the form above to speak to one of our specialists. We’ll let you know the cash amount you can receive if you choose to sell your structured settlement and we’ll provide customized cash options to fit your financial needs.